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+ Elevate your dining room experience with carefully crafted tables that will create cherished memories for years to come.

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Client Review

Overall very happy with the quality and staff over at Italia Furniture. Their experts helped me furnish my new home with beautifully crafted Italian furniture.

Kimberly H.

Just received my new furniture last month from Italia Furniture and couldn't be more impressed. It's long lasting and professionally crafted pieces is totally worth the price tag.

Joseph W.

Just received the Rai sectional yesterday and all I can say is that it was well worth the wait. I was worried at first, but when it was installed and built in my home, I was stunned.

Priya C.


General Questions

What is the estimated arrival for custom orders?

Custom order items take 6-20 weeks for manufacturing and delivery, depending on the items.

  • Items manufactured in the USA take 6-8 weeks on average for delivery
  • Items manufactured in Italy take 10-16 weeks on average for delivery
  • Items manufactured in the EU, excluding Italy, take on average between 12-20 weeks for delivery

Italia Furniture quotes the best estimated time for delivery, factoring in seasonal delays and factory closures; however, unexpected delays from manufacturing and shipping are unlikely and will be communicated if any arise.

Whats included in a white glove delivery?

White glove delivery includes full assembly, placement, and trash removal.

White glove delivery does not include the following:

  • Moving any existing items in side the home
  • Attaching anything or modifying walls
  • Removal of old/existing furniture
  • Moving delivered furniture to another room after it has been placed/assembled in the original room
Where are the schematics located?

Product schematics are on the product page of the specific item. Click the hyperlink "Schematics" to download the informational PDF.

Where can I apply for Wells Fargo Financing?

You can apply for Wells Fargo Financing HERE. Please be aware, we might ask for a drivers license or another form of identification.


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